24 To Double



Dr. Owen Weston is partnering with the Cornerstone Conference in 2013 to offer the 24 to Double program for all interested Pastors and congregations.  Dr. Weston, who is a recognized leading expert in church planting and church revitalization, has started and pastored several churches, many of which grew to mega-church stature.  Additionally, he has spent years mentoring leading churches and pastors in turning dead and dying churches into life giving, growing churches. He has been a professor at leading universities and a consultant to several denominations. After decades of experience, he has proven that “every church can double in 24 months” using the biblical concepts patterned after Jesus’ own model of ministry.


Module 1 – Finding the Church’s Uniqueness in Ministry and Strengths:  Module 1 is designed to help you take a deep, honest look into the current condition of your church. You must have a clear vision stating what you need to do in one to three years to conquer your city for Christ. Your church’s passion, strengths and resources will help you establish your vision. Remember, vision is not where you are going but where you want to be.

Module 2 – Developing Laity Involvement:  Module 2 explores the following dysfunctional church leadership models: Staff Run Church Model, Desperate Volunteer Model, and Chaos Model. After careful examination of these models you will understand why they do not promote church growth and how a team approach based on spiritual gifting’s a much more effective leadership model. Your church will grow by the ratio of laity involvement.

Module 3 – Laity Involvement Through the Pastor’s Meal:  Module 3 concentrates on the “pastor’s meal” which is the best method for involving laity in ministry in order for discipleship to take place. Four areas are covered in the “pastor’s meal”: church’s vision, evangelism training, spiritual gifts discovery/training and discipleship through lay involvement. A pastor’s meal offers friends, follow-up, leads, commitment and importance.

Module 4 – Making the Church like Heaven on Earth:  Module 4 focuses on Team 2 (WOW! First Impressions Team). You will discover how this team creates an accepting, friendly atmosphere where the love of God is demonstrated. The law of first impressions and initial contact ministry is to make the church feel like Heaven on Earth.

Module 5 – The Guarantee for Retention:  Module 5 deals with the creation of Team 5 (Care and Follow-up Team). The principle function of this team is to show the love of Christ to “First Time Attendees” and to help them feel accepted and appreciated by the church. This Team is a Top Priority. The key component to healthy growth is retention.

Module 6 – Dr. Engel’s Highpoint:  Module 6 explains the role of Team 4(Worship). The goal of worship is a spiritual experience so exciting that members want to invite their “unchurched” friends. You will gain powerful insight into this influential team and an understanding of the point of the Worship Experience.

Module 7 – Environmental Context:  Module 7 focuses on the implementation of Team 3(Tech Arts Team). You will learn the importance of producing the finest, high-tech, professional and exciting worship service that makes the Word seen and heard with cutting edge applications. The impact of ambiance and the contextual factors of worship are remarkable.

Module 8 – How to Conquer Your City:  Module 8 addresses the purpose of Team 1(Outreach Team). Outreach is…evangelism.  The difference between a growing church and a dying church is the word–invite. You must create activities and events that give members a reason to invite their “unchurched” friends to church. The law of impacting your target audience is vital.

Module 9 – The Larger Outreach:  Module 9 concentrates on the seven rules of outreach- exposure, repetition, promotion, involvement, influence, focus and networking. You will learn how to develop an outreach calendar and how to conduct a successful outreach event. The Larger Outreach deals with 4 big events and monthly ministry events.

Module 10 – Follow-up on the Larger Outreach: Module 10 is designed to stress the importance of a successful follow-up ministry. You will receive guidance on how to develop, implement and maintain a productive follow-up ministry for retention related to big events.

Module 11 – Children’s Ministry: Module 11 covers how to establish and maintain a successful children’s ministry.  Most growing churches have a growing children’s ministry and nursery ministry where parents and children are excited to be involved. You will discover how to make this happen at your church by exploring babysitting vs. ministry.

Module 12 – Connection Points: Module 12 explores the purpose and structure of small groups. You will find that the most effective way of closing the back door of the church is to develop small groups. You never worry about losing people who are connected to a small group because you know that those people have been effectively assimilated. Small Groups are essential to growing churches.

YEAR TWO:  The focus of year two is for the church teams to understand, commit and implement the Biblically based concept of 24toDouble.  We suggest the Pastor, Staff, Council, Team Leaders and as many team members as possible attend Year Two.  “We will train your church team.”

Module 13 – Preparing for Multiple Services:  Module 13 addresses the needs and procedures for additional services and sites. You will find that you do not offer other services and sites because you are full. You offer them in order to provide people with choices and to increase you church’s effectiveness.

Module 14 – Grid System:  Module 14 concentrates on understanding and implementing the Grid System around the spiritual giftings of your leaders. This model is always successful because it is the Biblical model for the local church. You will learn to effectively utilize the 5-Fold Leadership Matrix and the Assimilation Flow Chart while exploring the team approach vs. staff approach to church leadership.

Module 15 – Progress Check/Growth Track Introduction:  Module 15 is designed to compel you to review your progress and pace. A comprehensive recap will illuminate the areas on which you need to focus. During session 15 you will also be introduced to the idea of a discipleship growth track process. The implementation of the growth track process will be thoroughly covered in session 22.

Module 16 – Team 1–Outreach and Big Events:  Module 16 focuses on the structure and responsibilities of the Outreach Team. You will receive step-by-step instruction on how to implement and maintain Team 1. The Outreach Team helps the church reach lost souls and is absolutely necessary for a church to grow. You will learn how to enabling your church to reach the lost.

Module 17 – Team 2–First Impression Team:  Module 17 focuses on the structure and responsibilities of the First Impression Team. You will receive step by step instruction on how to implement and maintain Team 2. The First Impression Team must be culturally relevant and caring. Making everyone feel welcome is a top priority.

Module 18 – Team 3–Tech Arts:  Module 18 focuses on the structure and responsibilities of the Tech Arts Team. You will receive step-by-step instruction on how to implement and maintain Team 3. The Tech Arts Team understands that the Gospel message never changes but how it is packaged and presented changes from one generation to the next.

Module 19 – Team 4—Worship: Module 19 focuses on the structure and responsibilities of the Worship Team. You will receive step by step instruction on how to implement and maintain Team 4. The Worship Team is committed to creating a worship service that builds to the point that sinners respond.

Module 20 – Team 5–Assimilation and Follow-up: Module 20 focuses on the structure and responsibilities of the Follow-up Team. You will receive step by step instruction on how to implement and maintain Team 5. The Follow-up Team is dedicated to helping newcomers become active, ongoing participants in the life of the church.

Module 21 – Team 6–Children and Youth: Module 21 focuses on the structure and responsibilities of the Children and Youth Team. You will receive step by step instruction on how to implement and maintain Team 6. The Children and Youth Team realize that a church grows when young families like what the church is doing with their children/teens.

Module 22 – Growth Track: Module 22 focuses on the structure and responsibilities of the Growth Track Team. You will receive step by step instruction on how to implement and maintain this team. The Growth Track Team is determined to make disciples by developing an on-ramp for church membership, discipleship, and ministry involvement.

Module 23 – Team 7–Small Groups: Module 23 focuses on the structure and responsibilities of the Small Groups Team. You will receive step by step instruction on how to implement and maintain Team 7. The Small Groups Team allows the church to grow larger and smaller at the same time.

Module 24 – The Next Steps: Module 24 celebrates how each step of 24toDouble links together to create a dynamic church growth process.

For more information about the program details including participation requirements, schedule and cost of the program, please contact our CORNERSTONE CONFERENCE EVANGELISM MINISTRY OFFICE by calling (336) 656-7936, and speak to LeAnn West (Ext. 111) or Mike Ainsworth (Ext 128).