Cornerstone Conference 99th Session Recap


It was my pleasure to serve as the presiding officer for the 99th Conference Session in the Cornerstone Conference held June 13th in Browns Summit, North Carolina. Approximately 400 delegates and guests gathered for a full day of business.  The new updates that have been made to the auditorium made the showing of various videos from ministries of the IPHC a pleasure to watch and were appropriately scattered through the day’s activities. The presentation of the first Core Value “We prayerfully value Scripture” was received well by those in attendance. Nine individuals received their “Ministers License” and were duly charged and received into the membership of the conference.  They were:

Phillip Calo
Seth Robertson
James Ward, III (Tres)
Juan Carlos Vazquez
Pat Roland
Stephen Hoell
Richard Hedrick
Kenneth Cooke (Ricky)
Carl Parker

The Conference Officials reports were presented in the form of a booklet and received with appreciation.  Bishop Doyle Marley gave an oral report in which he thanked and recognized members of the team for their efforts in helping him as he served the past two years as Superintendent.

At the appropriate time elections were begun with the following results:
Doyle Marley – Superintendent
Mike Ainsworth – Assistant Superintendent
Darrell Cox – Treasurer

Executive Council Members:
Anthony Craver
Keith Gilliam
Garry Yeatts
Danny Penny
Frank Sossamon
Darrell Greene

Bishop Marley and the conference gave special recognition to Rev. Joe Beck for his years of service on the Executive Council (24) and for serving as the Conference Secretary for 20 years.

The Executive Council will select their Secretary in their first meeting following the conference Session.

The business of the day was without a great deal of debate.  Each report was well written and presented.

It was my honor to officiate the ordination service in which we laid hands on and granted Certificates of Ordination to the following eight individuals:

Larry Wilkins
Michael Lane
James Shough
Eric Chaney
Mark Simmons
Josh Holder
Rachael Dudley
Brian Shrader

Bishop Marley and the leadership are to be commended for their work in preparing for the day.  The Cornerstone Conference will celebrate their Centennial next year with an updated History of the Conference and other appropriate activities.