A Message from our Pastoral Care and Counseling Team

Dear Fellow Minister,

We are concluding our fourth week of mandated restrictions. We probably have at least two, three or more to go. This is certainly unprecedented times for all of us. Being isolated and interrupted from our normal ministry routines may have some benefits for us in the sense that we finally have time to slow down a little, refresh our spirit, or perhaps catch up on leftover “to do” lists that we thought we would never get to. Especially, we need to spend some time focusing on the Lord and what He may be saying to the church and the world through this present crisis. It would be terrible for us to miss that!

God is speaking loudly and we need to hear and proclaim His message of hope and recovery to an audience that may be listening for the first time. I believe we have a great opportunity for harvest as we work through and exit these difficult days. 

I also wanted to speak to you briefly on behalf of your Conference Pastoral Care and Counseling Ministry. We understand that these days are challenging as well. Feelings of fear, anxiety, hopelessness are not uncommon during these times. Tensions begin to rise for all of us as days develop into weeks and beyond. Financial concerns about the future of ourselves and our churches, can become overwhelming. We get that! Your concerns are real. We want to simply assure you that you are not alone or on your own.

These times will end and God will see us through, I have no doubt. The names and contact numbers of the Conference Pastoral Care Team are listed below for your convenience and access. If you desire, we would be honored to come along side of you and assist you in any way possible. Whether it is just to find a caring, listening ear or something more serious, we are here to help. Please feel free to call us.

  • Darrell Greene: 336-803-0891
  • Myron Bruce: 434-770-2395
  • Tena Lester: 336-613-2967
  • Rick Haug: 405-833-3163
  • Lana Gilliam: 828-320-6122
  • David Richardson: 336-655-2906
  • Michael Haynes: 704-699-4037

Many Blessings,

Darrell Greene
Pastoral Care and Counseling Director
Cornerstone Conference IPHC