Attention Pastors: “How To” Online Reporting Training Videos

During the pandemic many of you began online streaming as a part of your local church ministry. We are here to help you track and report those statistics.

In the past, we have required all pastors to report their total membership, average AM worship attendance, and average Sunday School attendance.

In addition to that, this year we are asking that you report the previously required statistics, as well as your online statistics, which may include Facebook and YouTube viewers.

Below is a link to various video tutorials published by Nuts & Bolts Leadership, that will instruct you on how to find, track, and report these statistics, as well as a spreadsheet to continue tracking your online reporting.

Once you click on the below link, you will be required to set up your own, personal login/password in order to access these training videos.

If you have any questions, please contact Tennille Nichols @ 336-656-7936 x. 110 or via email at [email protected].