Clergy Life Insurance Program (CLIP) Open Enrollment

The Clergy Life Insurance Program (CLIP) is open for enrollment for the 2022 calendar year for ministers and their spouses of the Cornerstone Conference IPHC. Please complete the attached Enrollment Form and Beneficiary Form and return to the Conference office by December 9, 2021.


  • Must be an IPHC ordained or licensed clergy or spouse of clergy 
  • Must be under the age of 65 to enroll (will never terminate due to age) 
  • Minister must be enrolled for the spouse to be enrolled 


  • $10,000 of group term life insurance coverage until age 70 or retirement
  • After age 70 or retirement, amount decreases to $5,000 and will continue at $5,000 as long as premiums are paid.   


  • The quarterly premium for $10,000 of coverage for Ministers is $93.60, and for Minister & Spouse it is $122.10 (4 times per year) 
  • The quarterly premium after age 70 or retirement for $5,000 coverage for Ministers is $46.80, and for their spouse it is $75.30 (4 times per year) 

The Clergy Life Insurance Program is easy to enroll.  Simply download the enrollment form and beneficiary form from There are no salespeople and there is no medical screening required. Return the completed forms no later than December 9, 2021, along with your first quarterly payment to Cornerstone Conference IPHC, PO Box 150, Browns Summit, NC 27214. If you choose, you may pay for the entire year with one payment. 

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your enrollment or the enrollment of your spouse, please give me a call at 336-656-7936 x. 112. 


Betsy Abbott