Core Prayers for Core Values

A 21 Day Comprehensive Guide for Praying the 7 Core Values of the IPHC


In December of 2012 ten leaders of the IPHC met in Dallas, Texas for two days of prayer and Bible study to seek the face of the Lord. Presiding Bishop Doug Beachem, Bishop Chris Thompson, Bishop Talmadge Gardner, Bishop Tommy MgGee, Dr. Harold Dalton, Dr. Lou

Shirey, Rev. Gary Bryant, Rev. Bill Terry, Rev. Lee Grady, and Rev. Terry Fowler. This Group met to wait on the Lord and to hear from His word.They trusted that the Lord would speak to them but did not anticipate that he would do so with such clarity and scope. The Seven Core Values of the IPHC where birthed from their time together with the Holy Spirit. With each one having the statement, “WE Prayerfully Value”, I strongly felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to develop a prayer guide for the Seven Core Values.

Purpose of This Guide

As with anything worthwhile there must be a purpose in doing it. The purpose of this prayer guided is to undergird with a firm foundation where the IPHC Core Values can stand and continue to be bathed in prayer as to strengthen and incorporate them into the fabric,hearts, and minds of the IPHC and it’s members.


For each Core Value to be a living heartfelt reality, coming alive in the lifestyle and breath of prayer.


Each Core Value will become an existing, active, and vibrant part of all IPHC Churches.

We Prayerfully Value Scriptures

Day 1: Pray that every church leadership will receive discernment from Gods word.

Day 2: Pray that worship will be an healing, God exalting, life changing, life transforming movement in every service.

Day 3: Pray that the Holy Trinity will be an ever-present, welcoming, honored part of every service.

We Prayerfully Value Pentecost

Day 4: Pray that the IPHC will live a life of walking in the Spirit and not in the flesh.

Day 5: Pray that the Spirit of Pentecost will birth the gifts of the Spirit and the IPHC will continue to develop and deploy those gifts.

Day 6: Pray for the empowerment of the Pentecostal blessing to fuel the Great Commission.

We Prayerfully Value Holiness

Day 7: Pray that we will see ourselves in the beauty of HIs holiness chosen by Him to be set apart for HIs glory.

Day 8: Pray for our lifestyles to be such as to reflect the character of God who called us to Himself.

Day 9: Pray as we strive to live holy lives, His mercy, grace, and love will be revealed to a broken world.

We Prayerfully Value Christ’s Kingdom

Day 10: Pray as people view creation they will see how Christ rules over it all.

Day 11: Pray that as the IPHC continues to grow that Christ’s reign over His Kingdom would be at the center of all that we do.

Day 12: Pray that as we serve our respective communities, respecting cultural and ethnic diversity in reaching the lost we will embody Christ’s Kingdom on earth.

We Prayerfully Value All Generations

Day 13: Pray that all generational gaps in ministry would be filled by an intergenerational coherence that binds the body of Christ together making it a complete and effective witness to this lost world.

Day 14: Pray that each congregation would give honor to honor it is due and that one generation embraces what the next will do and has done with celebration and expectation.

Day 15: Pray for an sense of great gratitude and value of each contribution made by each generation.

We Prayerfully Value Justice

Day 16: Pray that individually and corporately we will seek to establish, promote, and stand for justice.

Day 17: Pray that we will be a voice for those who cannot speak and that we will stand with the weak, poor, and the oppressed.

Day 18: Pray that as we take our stand as a place of hope we will not be silent in the face of injustice,

We Prayerfully Value Generosity

Day 19: Pray that we will live gratefully based on God’s provision and see that every resource wether material or spiritual are gifts from a loving God.

Day 20: Pray that we will not base how we live on what we lack but commit ourselves to be obedient as tithers, joyful in giving and generous in heart.

Day 21: Pray that a Spirit of radical generosity would be in everyone’s heart as HE gave we will give back.

Thank you for committing to praying the Seven Core Values of The IPHC. Experts say that anything done consecutively for 21 days will become a habit. I could think of no better one to have than one of prayer.  Until the trumpet sounds,

Rev. Doug Beane-Hall
Cornerstone Conference WIN Director.