Cornerstone Fine Arts Festival Update

Below is an important announcement concerning our Cornerstone 2021 Fine Arts:

Originally we had planned to hold our Conference Fine Arts on April 23-24, 2021. Due to the cancellation of Youth Quest and National Fine Arts this summer, we will no longer need to hold a competition this year.

Over the next several months, our IPHC SMAT Team will be revamping the entire IPHC Fine Arts program as well as developing new 2022 guidelines. The new guidelines are scheduled to be released this summer.

Although we will not be holding our usual Cornerstone Fine Arts Festival in April, it is our desire to conduct a one-day event in the Fall 2021. During this event, we will outline the new IPHC Fine Arts guidelines as well as conduct a “Fine Arts Lab” which will be both equipping and informative. We hope to inspire students to get involved in ministry opportunities within their local church and be prepared to participate in our Cornerstone FAF in 2022!

We will share the event details as soon as possible. In the meantime, please use the talents of your students in your worship services!

Joel Boyles
Resident Director of Discipleship Ministries