Demographic Research

Do you know WHO you are reaching?

Hello!  It is very important that each church know its community so they can reach their community for Christ!  Take a few minutes and do a community check-up!

Condsider these questions:

  1. Considering who we are and the resources we have, what is the demographic profile of those we are most likely to reach?
  2. Where are these people located in our community?
  3. What are the needs of these people? What outreach programs do we have in place to reach these people?
  4. What demographic factor, if any, has changed since we last checked our report?
  5. If there were changes, how does that impact our current outreach focus?  Do we need to change it?


Need to learn more about yourt community?  Please click on the following recommended links to Research Demographic Information:

American Fact Finder (More US Census information than most will ever use!)

Zip Who (Do a basic zip code search here!)

Leads Please (Click on the “Free List Search” button – No Purchase Necessary)

The Mapping Center  (No need to log in, just enter your zip code and explore.)


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