Girls’ Ministries Update



Go HERE to download the January 2018 Girls Ministry Update

Happy New Year! There are several things going on in Cornerstone Girls’ Ministries that we would love to see you and your girls involved in! Baby Hope Club, Girls’ Ministries Training, Overnighter, and later in 2018 our Girls’ Ministries Fall Retreat! If you or your Girls’ Ministries leaders have not been through the LTC training please consider our training on March 3rd. Training will be held in the Cornerstone cafeteria. You will need to purchase your training manual from: 

Please register by contacting Pam Rooker by February 15th. Class attendees will need to read the manual and complete the test prior to the training. There is a $10 test processing fee. 

For more information about starting Girls’ Ministries in your church or chartering please contact Pam Rooker or visit: 

We look forward to seeing you soon!


If you need any additional information please contact Pam Rooker at 252-432-7750 or Email her HERE

2018 Girls’ Ministries Opportunities 

 2018 Girls’ Ministries Opportunities 

January 21 Sanctity of Human Life/Baby Hope Club 

March 3 Girls’ Ministries Leader Training (LTC) 

April 20-21 Junior/Teen Talent 

June 1-2 Ranger Kids, Daisies & Prims Overnighter and Field Day 

September 21-22 Cornerstone GM Fall Retreat

Girls’ Ministries (GM) is the official name of the IPHC discipleship ministry to girls. Our discipleship focus uses the girls club concept with clubs for age groups from preschool through high school. Local churches who choose not to use this curriculum should still implement a ministry to girls. Our goal is to win girls to Jesus Christ, disciple them and make imprints with eternal significance.  The imprint of today’s society on young and vulnerable girls can be devastating. Only God can turn devastation into beautiful testimonies. He uses dedicated women to leave His imprint on every girl He places in the care of Girls’ Ministries.

Does your church play an active role in the lives of your girls? Time passes so quickly we must be intentional in reaching and teaching our girls! For more information about starting Girls’ Ministries in your church or chartering please contact Pam Rooker or visit: Getting Started





Baby-Hope-ClubBABY HOPE CLUB…because every baby deserves the hope of tomorrow.  Girls’ Ministries supports this cause by saving money for Baby Hope Club. This effort helps babies born to young women living in our International Pentecostal Holiness Church (IPHC) maternity home. The Baby Hope Club funds are given to the IPHC maternity home to purchase things for the babies like diapers, formula, bottles, toys, etc.  This is an awesome project for your Girls’ Ministries to be a part of! You can find more information at Baby Hope Club.