Great Continuing Education Resources For Ministers

Dear Fellow Minister,

I wanted to get some great resources in your hands today.  I will be sending an email out about two times per month to get some good books and training opportunities in front of you.  Here we go:

We have an upcoming BMI Class scheduled for December 7-8, 2018 here at the Conference.  The class is “Spiritual Gifts.” You can sign up for the class by calling the Conference office at (336) 656-7936 and speaking with Tennille Nichols.

The text for this class is the book: Spiritual Gifts, Ministries and Manifestaions by B.E. Underwood.  There is an electronic edition of this text on Amazon for $6.99 available here.

The BMI classes are excellent opportunities for learning and growing in your ministry skill.  You will receive 7 credits for attending the class and 1.38 credits for reading the book.  That is over 1/3 of the annual credits needed in one class!  I encourage you to attend.

I also want to recommend a great book that Bishop Ainsworth placed in the hands of the Conference Executive Council this summer.  The book is “David the Great” by Mark Rutland.  It is a powerful examination of David’s life.  You will find a link to purchase this book here. For reading this book you will receive 2.2 MCEP credits.

I also want to recommend a great leadership website.

I have subscribed to Brian’s email list and each week I receive his Top 10 Leadership Posts of the week.  It is great stuff!  He also attends leadership conferences and sends out a digest of what he learned from the conference.  You can’t beat that.

Pastor Tim Nelson has recommended the following resources and I know that they will bless you. The links to purchase these follow the titles.

Small Church Essentials by Karl Vaters:  Click Here.
Compelled by Dudley Rutherford: Click Here.

You can enter your MCEP credits on the form found here.
Also check out the Conference MCEP page here.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Blessings to you all!


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