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About Falcon Children’s Home
Falcon Children’s Home has been providing a home for children who for whatever reason are unable to live with their parents in a regular home setting for over one hundred years. Established in 1909 it has been estimated that approximately ten thousand lives have been either directly or indirectly touched by the various programs and ministries offered by Falcon Children’s Home. We are a fully accredited home that is licensed by the State of North Carolina. Our campus consists of ten cottages, and many other buildings such as a gym and cafeteria that assist us in providing care for our students. The campus is located in northern Cumberland County in the small town of Falcon. We are presently licensed to serve ninety-seven students with two major building projects under way which will most likely increase that number in the coming years.

Throughout its decades of serving students the Home has had to adjust and adapt its programs to ensure we are effectively meeting the ever changing needs of the populations we serve. That has never been more evident than in the past five years. During that span of time we have improved and enhanced our Transitional Living Program, launched a Teen Mothers and Babies Program and successfully merged with a residential maternity home and adoption agency. Three years ago we started our own private school on campus that is focused directly on working with students who are in the foster care system. Two years ago we received our license to begin licensing foster homes under the umbrella of Falcon Children’s Home. Exciting things are occurring at Falcon Children’s Home and it is our goal to continue to look for and develop new initiatives that will allow us reach and serve even more children in need. It is our wish that every child could be raised in a family home setting but for those who are not able to and are placed with us we will make every effort to provide an environment that will nurture and develop that child to be as successful as possible in life. Falcon Children’s Home is making a difference.

Falcon Children’s Home is a recognized Not-for-Profit institution.

When you give to Falcon Children’s Home you pave the way for children to have a future and a hope. Everyone wins when you give…. the children… the families… tomorrow.

Your donations help us to meet the needs of the children in our care. From shelter, food, clothing, medical care, and education needs of the child, to providing a Summer program, Special Activities, Improvement Projects, Birthdays, Christmas, and incentive gifts.

We accept donations all of kinds. From monetary donations, to donations of clothing and commodities every donation is a tremendous blessing. Below is more information regarding ways to give.

You can make your donation HERE!