January Prayer Network Post

Cornerstone Conference Prayer Network Newsletter
January 2013

 Dan Woods, Director

Scripture for January: My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and appear before God? Psalm 42:2

Director’s Message for January: One of my Christmas presents that I have yet put away is a copy of Andrew Murray’s classic devotional book Daily In His Presence. I must confess that I read the entry for January 1 as soon as I opened the package. The burden of Brother Murray’s opening message is that too many Christians are so busy trying to accomplish their callings that they forget to pursue their highest calling: to rise each day with a hunger to worship God and enjoy His purifying and empowering presence. I would like to share the first words of this book with you as a way of setting the proper context for our joint intercession in 2013:

“What may be the reason that fellowship with God is not our chief joy? The main answer is undoubtedly, we know God too little. In our prayer his presence is not waited for as the chief thing on which our heart is set. And yet it should be so. We think mostly of ourselves, our need, and weakness, our desire and prayer. But we forget that in every prayer God must be First, must be All. To seek him, to find him, to linger in his presence. To be assured that his holy Presence rests upon us, that He actually listens to what we say, and is working in us—it is this alone that gives the inspiration that makes prayer as natural and easy to us as a child’s communication with his father. And how is one to attain to this nearness lo God and fellowship with him? The answer is simple: We must give God time to make himself known to us. Believe with all your heart, that just as you present yourself to God as a supplicant, so God presents himself to you as the Hearer of prayer. But you cannot realize this except as you give him time and quiet. It is not the multitude or the earnestness of your words in which prayer has its power, but in the living faith that God himself is taking you and your prayer into his loving heart. He himself will give the assurance that in his time your prayer will be heard.”

 Daily Prayer Emphases for January:                      

  • SUNDAY – Pray for our people to develop throughout 2013 an ever-increasing burden for souls—to see people saved, sanctified, delivered, & discipled.
  • MONDAY – Pray for every Cornerstone Conference pastor to be even more humble, grateful, studious, attentive, accountable, connected, compassionate, and anointed than they were in 2012.
  • TUESDAY – Pray that this will be the year that President Obama, the Supreme Court, and the members of Congress prove to be friends of Israel, the innocent, and the institution of marriage.
  • WEDNESDAY – Pray for active Discipleship Ministries for Boys, Girls, Youth, Men, Women, & Seniors that will strengthen our local churches by reaching out into our communities with the love & truth of the Gospel.
  • THURSDAY – Pray for the Lord to direct and empower our Cornerstone Conference officials as they lead us forward in “Kingdom Expansion” through church revitalization, planting, & adoption.
  • FRIDAY – Pray that every church in our conference will heed the call of Isaiah 54:2: “Enlarge the place of your tent, and . . . stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; do not spare; lengthen the cords, and strengthen the stakes.”
  • SATURDAY – Pray for Bishop Tommy McGhee to be guided & empowered by the Holy Spirit as he fulfills his Discipleship Ministries responsibilities & as he works with the Polity Committee in preparation for the upcoming General Conference.