Marriage Protection Amendment

Promote Marriage
Protect The Home
Defend The Family

North Carolina Marriage
Protection Amendment

We live in a culture now bent on redefining marriage and changing our moral foundations. The Biblical concept of marriage must be recognized as nothing less than the inerrant Word of God. We must stand firm and act now at the ballot box.

We have a short window of opportunity to preserve in law the union of one man and one woman as the basis for marriage in North Carolina through the Marriage Protection Amendment. Don’t let marriage be changed in North Carolina by Judicial Activism; Neglect on the part of Christian people everywhere opens the door for a minority of pro-same-sex marriage activists to push this lifestyle upon our state. Vote for the amendment to the North Carolina Constitution.

God is the author of marriage. It is a relationship of persons (one man and one woman), and an institution in our society. WE believe in the divine plan that marriage must be promoted, protected, and defended.

The following documents assist in providing promotional information about the North Carolina Marriage Protection Amendment.  Please click on each to download.  Each file is in a .pdf format.

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