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Come on in, I’m glad you’re here!  I am honored to introduce you to the Biblical Ministries Institute of the Cornerstone Conference.  When casually referencing the Biblical Ministries Institute, I typically use the acronym, BMI when speaking about this Conference Ministry.I have been a member of the Cornerstone Conference since 1976, and have been honored to serve on a number of Committees, Boards, and Councils since 1983.

The Cornerstone Executive Council appointed me to serve as the first Director of the BMI in 1999. In addition to a Master of Divinity Degree earned at Houston Graduate School of Theology, I have been blessed to earn degrees from Emmanuel College, Holmes Bible College, and Southwestern University Graduate School.  My life and ministry experience has been thoroughly baptized in the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.  My commitment to Biblical preaching, pastoral ministry, and Classical Pentecostal Doctrine are the guiding Core Values of my personal philosophy of ministry.

It is a blessing to invest myself in the training of ministers in the Cornerstone Conference.My family is a precious gift to me from God.  My wife, Cindy and I have two children, both daughters, and both married and serving God in Georgia and South Carolina.  We are blessed with a precious granddaughter.  My hobbies include reading, playing the guitar and golf.H. Garry Yeatts
Cornerstone Conference
Biblical Ministries Director
[email protected]


The vision for the BMI was initially birthed in the heart of Bishop Thomas McGhee.  While attending graduate school together in the early 1990’s, Bishop McGhee felt the burden to provide an opportunity for men and women who received a definite call to ministry later in life to receive a quality basic education in matters pertaining to the ministry.  Brother McGhee prepared a Ministry Application Project related to his vision which has become the framework for the concept of the BMI.  The BMI is available to individuals who find it impractical to relocate to attend a formal Bible College due to their life’s circumstance.  The BMI is open to laymen, credentialed ministers, and especially individuals who are seeking credentials in the Cornerstone Conference.

The purpose of the BMI is to provide relevant and practical studies for ministerial preparation and continuing education.  When a person completes the BMI program of study, they will be Biblically knowledgeable (having a solid foundation to understanding the Bible); professionally competent (exposure to necessary skills to be effective in ministry); and institutionally aware (having a thorough understanding of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church and its various levels of operation).  The ministry of the BMI is devoted to complement the other areas of Conference Departments to Equip for Excellence in Ministry.

The BMI Team consists of the invaluable assistance of the Cornerstone Conference Ministerial Credentialing Council and the experienced Instructors who teach the various courses offered in the BMI. The Ministerial Credentialing Council consists of nine ordained ministers from the ranks of the Cornerstone Conference.  This Council provides primary oversight for the BMI. for the BMI must have an earned Bachelor’s Degree, coupled with a minimum of ten years of pastoral/denominational leadership experience, or an earned Master’s Degree, coupled with five years of pastoral/denominational leadership experience.  A special exception may be made for specialized classes that are occasionally offered through the BMI.  Currently each of our Instructors are members of the Cornerstone Conference.  The majority of our Instructors hold earned Master Degrees, with several holding earned Doctorates.  Our students consistently report that our Instructors are effective in communicating their assigned subjects with clarity and “down to earth” practical benefit to benefit those in ministry.


Is the BMI accredited?

The BMI is a non-accredited, non-degree granting Institute.  A Certificate of Completion is awarded to those who complete the BMI program of study.  A Certificate of Recognition is awarded to the spouse of those who complete the program.  These respective Certificates are presented each year during our Conference Session.

If I complete the BMI program will I receive my ministerial credentials?

The IPHC Manual stipulates that each Conference is responsible to develop and administer a program to “train and credential clergy”.  The BMI is the primary training arm of the Cornerstone Conference.  The Ministerial Credentialing Council is responsible for the process that determines whether an individual may receive credentials in the Cornerstone Conference.  The BMI Student Handbook clearly states that a student should not assume that completion of the full course of study through the BMI automatically qualifies an individual to receive ministerial credentials.

How can I find out more about the BMI?

Please feel free to contact the Cornerstone Conference Office and/or the BMI Director to answer any question you might have.  You will find the complete BMI Student Handbook, course schedule, information about ordering course materials, BMI Application, and contact information on this website under “Ministerial Credentials.”

ATTENTION:  BMI Class Schedule 2019-2020 has been revised:

  • All April and May classes will be ONLINE
  • May ONLINE Classes:  Classical Pentecostalism & Leadership II
  • NO June Classes


BMI 2022-2023 Schedule

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BMI Student Application/Handbook

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