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Darrell Greene

 From The Director

May I take this opportunity to introduce you to a new department of ministry being established in the Cornerstone Conference. The creation of the Department of Pastoral Care and Counseling Ministries was approved by the last Quadrennial Conference and is now led and staffed by a newly appointed council. We work in cooperation with the General Department of Pastoral Development led by Dr. Lou Shirey in Oklahoma City.

This new department is established in order to provide vital resources to the conference in the field of Pastoral care and Counseling and to make counseling services available to ministers and their families. We truly believe it will serve to meet a need of growing emphasis in our conference and local churches. We hope to so develop the department that every minister will be supplied, equipped, and supported with adequate resources and information to make the ministry of Pastoral Care and Counseling a more confident and less intimidating role to play.

Today’s culture, as in every generation, brings its own unique set of problems and uncertainties into the lives of people to whom we minister. Often times we feel unprepared and ill equipped to respond to them in a way that competently and compassionately guides them through their crisis with a firm hand of truth and clarity.

While sympathy and support are valuable components of counseling ministry, they alone are often not enough. Assessment, analysis, intervention, recovery and follow-up are also needed. We hope to assist you in that process.

Please pray for us as we begin. The newly appointed council members to the Department of Pastoral Care and Counseling Ministries are as follows:

  • Rev. Darrell Greene, Director
  • Rev. Myron Bruce
  • Mrs. Lana Gilliam
  • Rev. Rick Haug
  • Rev. Michael Haynes
  • Mrs. Tena Lester
  • Rev. David Richardson. Jr.

 We are here to serve you.
Rev. Darrell L. Greene

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