How To Start

1. Start on your knees. Keep a prayer journal; have a section for yourself and one for the young people. Record information on each quizzer; their request and your request plus the answers. Know the spiritual status of ach quizzer.
2. Make a record of their name, birth date, telephone number, email address and home address. Have a system in place so you can update the parents or people in charge of the young person. Let them know how you will be in contact with them.
3. Coordinate the goal of your ministry, time and place, budgets, staff you will use with all leaders over you. Include the pastor, youth pastor, CE director and other department heads. You want this ministry to be seen as a supportive ministry with current activities in the church, not in competition. Be aware of other events when planning quiz time.
4. A question you must answer is this:”What do I want to accomplish with this ministry? Spend time in prayer and in His Word as you seek God for an answer; allow the Holy Spirit to search your heart and supply the direction you need for yourself and the young people.
5. Obtain all the resources and supplies needed before the first quiz.Do some recruiting before hand; more on that later.
6. Have a “workbook”, know your plans, goals, schedule of material and quiz matches. Have names of support people to help you and assist when you are out. Always have a lesson plan for any substitutes you may use.
7. Meet with parents, grandparents and the church people. Promote your vision and goals that you hope the Bible Quest ministry will accomplish. Let them know your quiz schedule and give them a copy of what the young people will study and quiz tournament dates. Obtain permission slips for traveling. Recommend dress requirements. Encourage their help in teaching their children the Word of God.
8. Try and have a room just for quizzing. Use charts to show and promote progress of the quizzers. A bulletin board with team pictures is great. A team name is a good thing to have.
9. Pray during the week for each quizzer and their family. Pray for your church and other ministries and leaders. Pray before attending a quiz practice. Start the quiz practice with Praise and Prayer.
10. Know the material before class but admit if you need to research their question and get back to them.
11. Guard your “Time Alone” with God. You must be spiritually prepared before you can minister.
12. Learn and read all you can find on Bible Quest and resources on children and how they learn.
13. Remember there will be challenges and disappointments in ministry but do not look at the immediate results. There are eternal benefits and rewards of this ministry that we will not know until we reach the other side. One will plant, one will water but it is God who will always give the increase.
14. Ask for help. There are many resources available to you.
15. Always remember for whom you are doing Bible Quest.


At the heart of every family are the Word of God and our Savior Jesus Christ.
The purpose of “Family time and JBQ” is to honor God and His Word using the 576 cards or questions in your family devotion time.
Learn one or two new cards/questions a day plus review a couple.
Make sure the Bible Fact is understood by all and open up for discussion on how the Bible Truths will apply to everyone’s life.
Take time to pray together and ask God to open your eyes of understanding.
Emphasize the importance of studying and hiding God’s Word in your heart.
Make sure they know how to use the scriptures to overcome sin and the devil.
Thank God daily for the privilege of learning His Word together as a family.
“The family that prays together stays together”
“The family that studies the Word together can overcome evil together.”

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