Chaplain’s Ministries

Chaplain’s Ministries Directives

The Conference Evangelism Ministries Department stands with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church Chaplain’s Ministries in recognizing the value and importance of having IPHC military and institutional chaplains serving around the globe.

IPHC military chaplains have opportunities to make a spiritual impact upon the lives of America’s young men and women serving in the military. Military chaplains have the responsibility to care for the spiritual well- being of military personnel and their families and offer moral, spiritual and ethical counsel to military commanders. IPHC institutional chaplains serve in hospitals, prisons, jails, nursing homes, colleges/schools, industries, clinics and hospices providing care for the emotional and spiritual well-being of individuals in these secular institutions.

In response to the importance of the IPHC military and institutional chaplain ministry, the Conference Evangelism Ministries Department will seek to:

Promote the IPHC Chaplain’s Ministries in the Cornerstone Conference.

Distribute information provided by IPHC Chaplain’s Ministries to Pastors, local churches and individuals desiring to know more about chaplaincy ministry opportunities.

Provide and encourage opportunities for IPHC Chaplains and the National Director of IPHC Chaplain’s Ministries to connect with Pastors and local churches for the purpose of promoting IPHC military and institutional chaplain ministry goals and programs.

Encourage prayer support of IPHC military and institutional chaplains serving around the globe.

The Conference Evangelism Ministries Department will seek to encourage, acknowledge and support ministers who serve in various local public service chaplaincy opportunities (not associated with the IPHC Chaplain’s Ministries). With a unique opportunity to demonstrate God’s grace and love, these chaplains serve with law enforcement, fire department, healthcare and/or emergency services agencies by ministering to the employees and volunteers of the agency as well as the people served in the community.

For a list of all the IPHC military chaplains, go HERE.

To find out more about Chaplain’s Ministries please visit IPHC Chaplain’s Ministry HERE.