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Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) at a Glance
Become A Church Planter

     Evangelizing the world lies at the heart of the ministry of Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI). Equipping leaders to plant five million dynamic churches to reach the world for Christ is more than a mission statement; it is our vision from the Lord.  Planting healthy, dynamic, and sustainable churches is one of the most effective ways to fulfill the Great Commission.

Leadership development and reproduction is the key to seeing the vision of five million churches achieved. By training trainers DCPI will multiply its capacity to accomplish its most basic vision, to reach the world for Christ with the evangelism methodology of church planting.

The key to seeing the Five Million Church Vision become reality are the indigenous leaders we collaborate with in nations around the world. They are our Certified Trainers and Master Trainers. A Certified Trainer (CT) is a leader who has attended DCPI’s training and is selected to train others in one or more of our training tracks. CT’s share the vision and introduce DCPI’s training to their network of leaders. DCPI’s Master Trainers (MT) are our most reproductive leaders. They are empowered by DCPI to certify trainers for their nations. These leaders are expanding the impact of this ministry around the world. Our partnership with them will enable DCPI’s Five Million Church vision to become a reality.

We recognize that we must multiply indigenous visionary trainers of church planting leaders who know the unique challenges and characteristics of their nations. These trainers will go places we can never go, reach people we cannot reach, train in languages we cannot speak, and relate to their “people groups” as we cannot. Through these indigenous leaders, we are able to see the five million church vision come to pass.

Our approach is unique in the training tracks that we offer and in the steps we are taking to fulfill the DCPI Five Million Church Vision. The training tracks are as follows:

  • Church Planting Essentials—Lessons from those who’ve been there:
  • Introduces 12 Biblical principles designed to equip church planters from initial planning to launching a new church.
  • Churches Planting Churches—The Mother-Daughter Concept: Guides an existing congregation in “birthing” a new church.
  • Becoming a Mentor—Vital to a church planter: Equips and encourages seasoned church leaders to support and direct novice church planters.
  • How to Build a Church Planting Movement—Biblical Principles that are specifically for the development of a dynamic, Biblical church planting movement.

DCPI has taken this multi-track approach to church planting training for a reason.  Through the experience of our staff and the church planters we have trained, we have seen dynamic results when trained church planting leaders are supported by well-equipped mentors who operate within the resources of mother churches. This formula positions a region or country for unprecedented acceleration of church planting.

As DCPI’s training is based solely on the Word of God, it is trans-cultural. We have taken the principles that God has already provided in the Scriptures, articulated, translated, and placed them into culturally relevant training sessions to which people can relate. We have created an environment in which church planters take hold of and apply these biblical principles. Significance results as “the house is built upon the rock” of the Scriptures, a vehicle through which the Holy Spirit sovereignty works.

DCPI comes alongside national leaders whom God has already identified and given oversight of other Christian leaders in their nations. When we receive an invitation from that leader to go to that country and offer church planting training, we serve that leader and the leaders he gathers by training them in the principles of dynamic church planting.

DCPI is uniquely positioned to meet the training needs of church planting leaders. The training staff at DCPI is experienced in various aspects of church planting. Some have served as the lead planter while others have been involved as launch team members. Our training is marked by compassion for the church planter and his family and a sincere desire to equip his team with the necessary tools for a successful launch and sustained health of the new church. DCPI has trained over 52,000 leaders from 105 countries since our mission began 18 years ago.

For more information please contact DCPI.  PO Box 4119 * Oceanside, CA 92052-4119 * 760-940-2640 * www.dcpi.org * 1-800-255-0431

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