DCPI Church Plant Training


Did you know that Cornerstone Conference has made Planting New Churches a PRIORITY?  To assist those who have a burden and call to establish a new congregation, Cornerstone Conference is partnering with DCPI and EVUSA to provide training for planters and pastors.

Church Planting Essentials (CPE) is a three-day church planting “basic training” for planters and pastors.  The materials were created by Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI), based upon years of working in mission areas where the church is expanding rapidly. English & Spanish Available

Churches Planting Churches (CPC) is a three-day DCPI church planting training for Senior Pastors. English Available

Certified Trainer Training (CT) equips and certifies participants to re-teach the materials in their local context. It is provided at no extra cost and requires attendance at a session the day after one’s other chosen track. English & Spanish Available

Using DCPI materials, Cornerstone is partnering with EVUSA to provide basic yet thorough training in starting a new church. Dynamic Church Planting International created the materials based upon years of working in mission areas where the church is expanding rapidly. The methods are tested, general, biblical, and reproducible.

For example, during an onsite training of Church Planting Essentials, you will:

Organize, refine and pinpoint your vision, purpose, strategies and timeline early, so that you have a clear plan for the future.

Use Biblical principles for church planting in everything you do.

Recognize and avoid land mines that, if stepped on, can “blow up” your church plant.

OUR VISION:  Helping you succeed in establishing a dynamic, healthy, and reproducing church in Cornerstone Conference.

For more information please visit Dynamic Church Planting International. To learn more about the next DCPI Training coming to Cornerstone Conference, please contact our Evangelism Ministries Director at (336) 656-7936.

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