Evangelism Training Events

Please visit our Calendar for dates and times for the following EV Cornerstone Event list.  A printed brochure is available for details regarding each annual emphasis and speakers.

EVANGELISM SUMMIT (Spring Leadership Training Event)

Statement of Purpose:  “The Evangelism Summit serves as an annual catalyst to help reignite passion for evangelism providing specialized training for Pastor’s and leaders that can be applied in the local church.”


Statement of Purpose:  “Kingdom Connection Meetings are opportunities provided for IPHC Pastors to introduce the Cornerstone Conference (Leadership) to independent and/or unaffiliated Pastors for the purpose of exploring the ministries, opportunities and benefits of being connected to the Cornerstone Conference and the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.”

KINGDOM EXPANSION CONFERENCE (Fall Inspirational and Training Event)

Statement of Purpose:  “The purpose of the Kingdom Expansion Conference is to provide inspiration and training for Pastors and leaders in strategies and models (i.e. church multi-site, planting and intercultural ministry) that enlarge ministry opportunities and assist congregations in reaching new/different communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”


Statement of Purpose:  “The Church Planters Fellowship serves as an opportunity for area Church Planters (and sponsoring Pastors) to meet for encouragement, fellowship, networking, and to exchange ideas.”


Statement of Purpose:  “The purpose of the Innovative Evangelism Conference is to partner with Pastor’s in providing training for laity in proven evangelism methods as well as new and creative ways of reaching their communities for Christ.”

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