Itinerant Evangelism

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Itinerant Evangelism Directives

  1. The Conference Evangelism Ministries Department will assist individuals in identifying the gift and call of the Evangelist (Ephesians 4:11) by providing (a) prayer support (b) spiritual gifts discovery analysis (c) a list of recommended resources (d) information about Cornerstone Conference ministerial training (BMI & INCaM) and credentialing process.

  2. Cornerstone Conference is looking for itinerant evangelists (entry level, short-term and long-term) who meet the requirement of a IPHC credentialed ministers in the Cornerstone Conference.

  3. The Conference Evangelism Ministries Department requests that all itinerant evangelists register on an annual basis with the Conference Evangelism Ministries Director.

  4. The Conference Evangelism Ministries Council desires to certify full and part-time Cornerstone Conference Evangelists. An evangelist may be certified upon completion of the Certified Evangelist Application process.

  5. The Conference Evangelism Ministries Department has established criteria for providing personal ministry support and financial assistance for Certified Itinerant Evangelists in the Cornerstone Conference.

  6. The Conference Evangelism Ministries Department assists in promoting Certified Evangelists by providing a list of these individuals to each Pastor.

  7. Each local church is encouraged to use Cornerstone Conference Certified Evangelists.