Next Level Church Development

Next Level Church Development is the church growth and health ministry of Evangelism. With a biblical mandate to win the lost, it is important for our local churches to be growing and healthy enough to keep reaching hurting people with the message of hope, healing and salvation.

Our vision and focus of planting churches, especially with the Mother Church emphasis creates a greater need to make sure our churches are healthy and ready to give birth to or “mother” another church out of their existing congregations.

Our Goal:
Next Level is designed to assist individual churches in evaluating their current positions and working with them to develop relevant, effective plans that will assist them in achieving the vision that God has given them for their church and community.

We Are Committed To Helping You!

The Evangelism Council is committed to assisting Pastors and Congregations with various resources, ministry tools, and coaching that will bring revitalization.

Providing assessment and analysis opportunities, leadership training, and strategy implementation through various tailored “tracks”, the Evangelism Council will seek to assist churches in reaching their full kingdom potential.

For more information about our Next Level Church Development Ministry, please contact our Evangelism Director at (336) 656-7936.

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