Men’s Ministries Day

Men’s Ministries Day is an opportunity for local congregations to honor men in the church on an annual basis. The Sunday worship service should have an emphasis geared towards men.  The goal is to inspire men to become more involved in the Church.


Honoring and Encouraging Men to Serve the Lord


Place the event on the church calendar well in advance

Make sure to involve your pastoral leadership in developing the day’s schedule of events

Father’s Day would be exceptional for this type of event

Execute with excellence

Prayer emphasis

This special day has two purposes:

To give special recognition to men who have contributed outstanding leadership, ministry involvement, or overall commitment to the church.

To honor and recognize all men and emphasize the importance of “ministry to men” in the church.

For more information, please contact our Director of Men’s Ministries.  You can reach Frank Sossamon at 252-438-3322 (office) 252-438-7040 (home).

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