The Apparent Need To Reach Men

You don’t have to look far to understand the need to reach men is apparent because the statistics speaks for themselves. The average Protestant church has 39 percent men and 61 percent women. Those estimates are based on the U. S. Congregational Life Survey of 300,000 worshipers in more than 2,000 congregations across the United States (

The absence of men helps explain the membership decline of most mainline churches. A study by Horner, Ralston and Sunde found that when a child becomes a participant in a Sunday school class or youth group, the family will follow about 3.5 percent of the time. If the mother begins attending a church, the rest of the family follows 17 percent of the time. But when a father comes to faith in Christ, the rest of the family follows 93 percent of the time. If you reach the men, you reach their families.

Of about 94 million men in the United States, 68 million don’t attend any church. Some 85 percent of those who stay home or go to the golf links on Sunday say they grew up with some sort of church background. It’s not that they don’t know what goes on in the building; it’s that they don’t find anything of particular value in the services. Most churches have Sunday school classes and choral groups for children, youth classes and evening fellowships for young people, active women’s groups, but efforts to reach men are frequently confined to once-a-month dinners and a program, which, too frequently, appeal only to a handful of retired men.

To help churches reach men in and beyond the church, the Cornerstone Conference Men’s Ministry is attempting to reach Pastors and Church leaders in order to encourage them to organize or reignite inactive Men’s Ministries. This effort will be worth the time, money and attention for the person, the family, the church and the community.

The way in which we’re going about this is to identify the existing Men’s Ministries in our churches, determine the Pastors that want to organize Men’s Ministries, (so we can work hand in hand) and evaluate ways we can assist the local church and Men’s Ministries in providing resources, training, networking and fellowship opportunities. Thus in reality we can help strengthen the entire local church along with its vision, mission and objectives.

The real purpose of Cornerstone Conference Men’s Ministries is to get Men in Christ and in the local church so we can get Men out of the church for evangelism, outreach and wholesome projects. Our goal is to really help men mature in faith and become responsible to God, their family, church, pastor and community.   The real question is do YOU want to see Men reached, developed and deployed for Jesus Christ? If so, join today in this great effort and we’ll change the face of our families and churches.  Thank you in advance for your interest in Men’s Ministry and the advancement of God’s kingdom.

Frank Sossamon
Men’s Ministries Director
Cornerstone Conference

You can reach Frank Sossamon at 252-438-3322 (office) 252-438-7040 (home).

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