From Our Conference Commander

About Our Commander:
As an initial introduction, I am always and as the highest priority of my life most excited that Jesus Christ provided mercy, grace and salvation for me, my family and all mankind!  I strive daily, in my unworthy and imperfect condition, with His help to live my life the best I can for Him!  What a joy to serve Him and the many blessings He provides me!  The first blessing and priority of my life is Donna, my wonderful wife and best friend (married almost 31 years)!  She is the best thing, next to Jesus Christ, that I have been privileged to be blessed with and so loved by here in my life!  Secondly, our wonderful children Aaron, his wife Tessa and our granddaughter Lilli, our oldest daughter Alison and her husband Robert and our youngest daughter Anna.  What a miracle to have such children as I have!  The very best I could ever have imagined!  Thirdly, I thank God for such a Christian foundation of being raised by the greatest devoted, well-grounded and loving Christian parents and grandmother in Falcon and growing up in the IPHC Church, coupled with so many mentors along life’s way, has made me what I am today.  Such a great foundation!  I feel divine providence has lead me to this great ministry of Royal Rangers starting in 1986 and now, as I serve you as the Cornerstone Conference, Royal Rangers, Conference Commander, I will continue to strive to serve the boys and leaders of this great conference to see God’s will and kingdom growth be done for His glory!

Local Service 1986 – Present:
Joined Royal Rangers and have served on many levels of leadership and teaching with the most important being that of an Outpost Commander on the local level.  Currently serving as Lt. Commander at The Capital Church, Garner, NC.  Other Capital Church service includes: Previous Church Board Member, Previous Pastoral Selection Committee Member, “Church” Architect for numerous projects (Classroom Building for Royal Rangers and Children’s Ministries, Sanctuary Master Planning and Renovations, Youth Center and Children’s Ministries Building Renovations, New Youth Center Conceptual Design, Multi-purpose Play Fields and Access Drive, Administration Building Covered Walk, Sanctuary Reception Desk, Sound Booths, etc.), Choir member and active in the Music Department as member of Praise Team, etc.

Conference Service 1990 – Present
Cornerstone Conference Commander, Certified Instructor, Instructor Trainer, previously served as Durham District Commander (1987-1989) and Conference Public Relations Officer (1988-1990).  Service on numerous Conference level training and camps as well as serving on the Cornerstone Conference CEM Board (8 years), Missions 21 Committee, Conference Ministries Cabinet, etc.

National Service 2000 – Present: 
Deputy National Commander, Staff School graduate serving on numerous national level training activities, etc.  Also served on the IPHC General CEM Board (4 years).

IPHC Service: 
2010 – Present:  IPHC General Ministries Cabinet, Lay person member.

Architect since 1985, J. Michael Hubbard, Architect, PA, Cary, NC.

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