What is the M25 50 CC Diaper Run?

50 CC Diaper Run
By Gary Burd

What in the world is that?

A “Coast to Coast” motorcycle ride from Jacksonville, FL to San Diego, CA in 50 hours. The ride will begin in Jacksonville, FL on November 2 and conclude in San Diego, CA on November 4, 2015.

Why would people do something that crazy?

A ride to collect diapers and raise awareness for the Royal Home and IPHC’s commitment to LIFE rather than abortion!

Mission:M25 is teaming up with the Royal Home in Falcon, NC to make a statement of our positive approach to such a terrible law in our land. Presiding Bishop Doug Beacham has taken our stand to a new level in the past two years by going personally to Washington DC to stand in the March for Life. Bishop Tommy McGhee from Discipleship Ministries, last year joined us as we stood, making a statement of our level of commitment to “Life”. Bishop Chris Thompson and EVUSA is standing with Mission:M25 in this endeavor to promote “Life” in our country. Mr. Joey Leggett, Director of the Falcon Children’s Home which gives oversight to the Royal Home, supported the stand for the last two years. Last year he contracted a bus company to bring supporters and some of the young ladies to the march. Mission: M25 had a group of motorcycles ride up the day before to carry our banner, ’50 For Life’, which listed supporters of “Life” on it. Mission:M25 also had folks standing in Dallas, TX and San Francisco, CA for the “Life” rallies.

This backdrop has motivated a new level of awareness and fundraising. Bishop Beacham and Bishop McGhee will participate on the Diaper Run ride as we will stop approximately every 150 miles for fuel, to load diapers and hug some necks before we take off again. The ride is approximately 2350 miles across Interstate 10 & Interstate 8. Several churches have committed to ‘hosting’ a stop and making sure the diapers and donations are collected. We will pull out of Jacksonville, FL at 6 am on November 2 and arrive in San Diego, CA no later than 8 am on November 4. You can participate in this Diaper Run by meeting us at one of the stops listed. You can also track our progress on the run by clicking here.

If you would like to participate but cannot get to a ‘diaper stop’, we encourage you to send a donation to support the cause. Please mail contributions to Royal Home Ministries, PO Box 128, Falcon, NC 28342.

The ride is open to anyone desiring to make the trip and is sanctioned by the Iron Butt Association, so riders who would like to ‘earn a patch’ will be able to do so.

For more information please visit the Royal Home Ministries Facebook page or call Gary Burd (806)670-9669, Mark Richardson (252)431-4675, or Gary Whaley (919)738-3170.