October 6 is Pastor Appreciation Day!

PA TS photo

October 6 is Pastor Appreciation Day—a time for congregations within the IPHC to formally recognize the work of their spiritual leaders.

This year’s theme is Living the Word with Our Pastor. As the local congregation comes together in living God’s Word with their pastor, there will be an empowerment for the future—full operation of the gifts of the Spirit, a flowing force of unity, and maximum outreach effectiveness.  This year’s Pastor Appreciation emphasis will also undergird the biblical position of the pastor and the role of the people as partners in ministry with him. Pastor Appreciation will achieve seven goals: 1.HONOR; 2. RESPECT; 3. UNITY; 4. IMAGE; 5. TRAINING; 6. FOCUS; 7.GROWTH

We encourage each congregation to take time to show appreciation to their pastor on this special day!

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