Our Missionaries Need Your Support

Keith Gilliam, World Missions Director
Cornerstone Conference IPHC

2020 will be a year we remember forever! While many skeptics predicted churches would close as resources dwindled, the opposite as happened for most. Members have been faithful to give, and some churches have reported that people who were not giving have started. God always meets our need!

While it has been an unusual time for our local churches, it has also been a challenge around the world. The COVID – 19 International Relief Fund, begun by World Missions Ministries is helping to alleviate the physical needs in areas where the IPHC currently has ministry. If you would like to give to this relief fund the project number is 09149NCOVID.

Will You Invite Our Missionaries?

Our missionaries who are iterating have also been waiting for the opportunity to come to your church and tell their story. They need to raise the necessary funds so they can return or go for the first time to the area where they will serve.

Currently, the following Cornerstone Missionaries are itinerating:

  • Ernest and Cheryl Turner – Regional Director for West Africa
  • Mitch and Jewel Nichols – Ecuador, South America
  • Russell and Sonya Schweighardt – Uganda, East Africa
  • Joseph and Robin Pettus – Short Term Missionaries – Belize, Gulf of Mexico
  • Jennifer Moore – Short term Missionary -Belgium, Northwest Europe
  • Hugh and Lois Hoyle – Special Assignment Missionaries
  • Van and Jane Bloss – Short Term Missionaries – Multiple Countries
  • Phillip Gschwend – Short Term Missionary – Cuba, Caribbean & West Indies

Our churches will reopen soon, and we encourage you to invite one or more of these missionaries to share with your church family. If you need assistance to contact them please feel free to email me at [email protected] .  Thank you for partnering with our missionaries to fulfill His Great Commission!