Quadrennial Conference News & Updates!

Please make plans to join us for our 103 Annual Session of the Cornerstone Conference IPHC!


Quadrennial Conference Reports

Report of Elected Officials:  The 2018 Report of the Executive Council includes a report of all Elected Conference Officials.  This report includes the Report of Doyle Marley, Superintendent; Mike Ainsworth, Assistant Superintendent; Danny Penny, Secretary; Darrell Cox, Treasurer; Council Members Garry Yeatts, Keith Gilliam, Frank Sossamon, Anthony Craver and Darell Greene.   Please download the report book below:

2018 Report of Elected Officials

Quadrennial Conference Committee Reports:   Every four years our Conference gathers to elect officials and conduct the business of the conference in session  During this Quadrennial Conference, proposed committee reports are presented for approval by the Conference in session.  In this session, instead of each individual ministry presenting a seperate report, all ministry committee reports have been combined into the Bylaws Committee Report.  There are three reports:  Decorum Committee, Bylaws Committee and Memoirs Report.  Please download the report book below:

2018 Quadrennial Conference Committee Reports


If you need assistance, or would like a printed version of either report, please contact the Cornerstone Conference IPHC Ministry Center at (336) 656-7936.