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Date of the Quadrennial Conference:  Jun 13,2014    

Time: 9:00 am
(Registration and Check-In: 8:00 – 9:00 am)

Attention all delegates and guests:
 Please register for the 2014 Cornerstone Conference Quadrennial Conference here!

About the Conference:  The Conference will begin at 9:00 AM on Friday, June 13, 2014 and is held at the Cornerstone Conference Ministry Center in Browns Summit, NC.  We are planning to complete the conference business in one day (Friday), if possible.  However, there is a possibility that some business may need to be carried over to Saturday.

What you can expect:  Every four years, the delegates of the Cornerstone Conference meet in a Quadrennial Conference Session to worship, fellowship, cast vision, select leaders, adopt policies, enact legislation, license and ordain clergy, receive training, and conduct other activities to further the ministry of the Conference.

Delegates: The voting membership of the Cornerstone Conference Quadrennial Conference is composed of the following delegates:

  1. Conference Superintendent and Spouse
  2. Conference Executive Council members and Spouses
  3. The members of all Conference boards
  4. Senior Pastors of Member Churches and Spouses
  5. Ordained clergy (active or retired) and Spouses
  6. Licensed clergy (active or retired)
  7. Conference appointed Ministry Directors
  8. Former Conference department directors who are active and supportive members of a local IPHC Member Church, if approved and certified by the Conference Executive Council
  9. Members of the Executive Committee of the Council of Bishops when present even though they are not members of the Conference.
  10. Church delegates to the Conference session based on the following policies:

Only Member Churches that comply with the Church Tithe are allowed to send church delegates to a Conference session.

The number of delegates a church is allowed to send to the Conference session is based on the church’s composite number. Member Churches may send one delegate per 50 composite number, or major fraction thereof. A Member Church with 50 members or fewer will qualify to send one delegate. The composite number is the average of: a] Church membership at the end of the most recent calendar year (For the purpose of calculating a church’s composite number, the church membership shall not exceed 200% of the primary worship service[s] annual average attendance.) b] Primary worship service(s) annual average attendance c] All local church delegates shall be certified by the Local Church Administrative Council as being active members in good standing of the local church.

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