RightNow Media Zoom Link for Pastors/Ministers – 7 PM March 25th

Hey Pastor/Minister,

Bishop Ainsworth, Joel Boyles, and Cornerstone IPHC has a massive gift for you. They have partnered with RightNow Media!

RightNow Media is like a Netflix of Bible Studies. It has over 500 Christian publishers, tens of thousands of Bible studies, conferences, training sessions, kid’s cartoons, and much more! There are over 20,000 churches, schools and ministries who partner with RightNow Media. As a pastor, leader or credential holder with Cornerstone IPHC, you receive FREE personal access to this resource!

Thursday, March 25 at 7PM EST we will have a 15-20 min walk through of what this amazing gift means for you. Jump on zoom right at 7PM using the link below. Be on the lookout for a message through the phone tree from Cornerstone Conference, as well as invitation to your USER account.

Now, your user account cannot be shared or given away to your church. It is a gift to you and your family to use for your marriage, finances, Bible Study, etc. However, because you are a part of Cornerstone IPHC your church qualifies for a significant discount for FULL access to RightNow Media so you can continue to equip your families, resource your groups, and develop your leaders. If this resource is a benefit to you and your family, imagine how valuable it will be to your church community. If you have any questions about RightNow Media, how to set up your free user account, or questions about giving full access to your church, click here and RightNow Media will connect with you.

We hope and pray this is a blessing to you and your families.

Click on the link above to join the zoom. We look forward to seeing you tonight at 7PM EST!

Ben McLellan
Director, National Accounts
RightNow Media
Main: 972.560.4000
Direct: 972.560.4377