Superintendents Meet For Prayer

What a wonderful meeting with our four former Cornerstone Conference IPHC (formerly Western North Carolina Conference) Superintendents who joined with me in person (Rev. Tommy Fuquay, Rev. Doyle Marley, Rev. Jack Goodson) and by live video (Bishop Tommy McGhee) to pray, share stories and life lessons. Our former Superintendents present represent 36 years (1982 – Present) of consecutive ministry in the Office of Cornerstone Cornerstone Superintendent. Cornerstone Conference has a rich heritage of gifted leaders, some of which have served on the International level in Oklahoma City. These include Rev. Jack Goodson, Rev. Doyle Marley, Bishop Tommy McGhee and Bishop Talmadge Gardner. I was extremely grateful to have each of these men in the room! I am blessed to have their love and support as we move FORWARD into the future God has prepared for Cornerstone Conference IPHC!