Support Our Veterans And Families During Run For The Wall!

Dear Friend,

Mission:M25 is so excited about the many “OPEN DOORS” the Lord is providing for the Churches in America to minister to our Veterans, as well as their families. From PTSD, PTSS, Agent Orange, as well as many other emotional, physical and spiritual scars that are being carried by our Veterans, their wives and children, we are grateful for the many opportunities to share the healing power of our great God! It all begins with RELATIONSHIP and M25 has been privileged to be that bridge for the past 12 years on Run For The Wall.

On May 23, 2018 RFTW will roll right through the heart of Cornerstone Conference. This year our Missionary Team will consist of nearly 40 individuals. A great number of those 40 will come out of the 2 North Carolina Conferences. This year 5 trucks and trailers and nearly 20 motorcycles will leave from various locations in North Carolina. Cornerstone Conference is so valuable to the efforts in seeing our Veterans and their families heal from the great sacrifices they have and are making for our freedom(s). Many of our men and women will invest no less than 2 weeks vacation, some will miss 2 weeks salary, as well as personal expenses to make this journey. Their sacrifices are great and God is good!

I would like to invite you and your Church to be part of the team for 2018. Help us let our Veterans know that the Churches in America really do care. Each year we carry a banner across America with Church names, business names and individual names on it. We often see Veterans stopping when enjoying the Hydration we carry and distribute to read the names and some have even ask, “Do all of these Churches really support us?” Will you consider being part of our team this year? For a Donation of $250.00 we will proudly carry your Church with us on the Banners from California to DC. These Banners are displayed at every stop we make for people to read.

Below are a few videos to help say what words fail to communicate. You can mail checks made out to “M25” to Mark Richardson at 17475 Hwy. 64 W, Siler City, NC 27344. Upon doing so I will immediately get your Church or Ministry or individual names on the banner. Rest assured, I am not asking for anything I personally don’t model. The Journey Church as well as Mark & Ellen Richardson’s name are on that banner each year as well as The Journey Church providing a Steak and homemade Ice Cream meal each year. We are committed! Likewise, we invite you to Siler City on May 23 to help serve the Bikers you will see in the videos.

Let me close by saying “Thanks in advance” for partnering with us in the Missionary journey across America. Rest assured, in our own unique way, we share Jesus daily with many. Hoping to hear from you soon! As Conference Director and Assistant National Director of Mission:M25, we are counting on you to help us bring healing to Veterans and their families.

RFTW Promo

RFTW Promo Mark & Gary

Bound by an oath,
Rev. Mark Richardson, ‘The Journey Church’ – Siler City PHC

M25 Point Man: Cornerstone Conference IPHC