Support Run For The Wall and the Conference Pro-Life Rally!



Our M25 Ministry will serve our Veterans for the 12th year on the ‘Run For The Wall’ from May 24-25 2016! This year we will mobilize 65 people, 30 motorcycles, and 8 truck and trailer teams from all over the United States. On each Hydration Trailer there will be a banner displaying the names of each church and individual that helped financially support our efforts of love and appreciation. Our National M25 Director, Gary Burd tells of a veteran that stood and read the names of those listed and with tears in his eyes said, “I didn’t know the church really cared, wow.” You can have your church name placed on the banner by sending $250 to Mission: M25. We ask that you contact our Conference Pointman, Rev. Mark Richardson personally so we can ensure your name is placed on the banner. Our travels from California to Washington, DC will bring us down Interstate 40, through North Carolina on May 24-25. Our M25 would love to see our churches show up on the overpasses and bridges with signs of “Welcome Home” or banners expressing the Churches appreciation to the Veterans for our physical and religious freedoms. With such a large team this year, our expenses will exceed $45,000. Your participation and financial support of the Banner for this “just cause” is greatly appreciated.

ProLife Rally

Also, our first ever Conference will be held at the Conference Ministry Center on July 11th at 7:00 pm. The rally will begin with a time of worship and will highlight special pro-life speakers. A special offering will be received for our Royal Home Ministries in Falcon, NC. We encourage each church to participate in the rally by bringing a donation of diapers or a monetary gift for the Royal Home Ministries.

Thank you for being such an integral part of the Cornerstone!