WIN Article: April 2020

“Do you believe that I am able to do this?” 

Matthew 9:28 

This story in Matthew’s gospel tells us about two blind men who were following Jesus came into the house where Jesus was staying and asked Jesus to heal them. Christ then asks them a very important question. “Did the ones praying believe that He could do what they were asking?” 

Praying in its’ simplest from is normally requesting or asking something of God. We come to Him because we believe that only He can help us in our time of need. Praying can become almost a reflex type of response to troublesome times or when someone asks us to pray for them. 

I want you to think a moment about the very question Jesus asked these two blind men. 

  • Would anyone ever pray or ask God for something they believe He could not do in the first place? 

Christ could just as easily have spoken the word and immediately their eyes would have opened and their sight restored. It’s important to realize that Christ was demonstrating the rewards of having faith. 

The two men answered Christ’s question with, “yes Lord.” Now watch what happens next…Christ then touches their eyes saying, “according to your faith be it unto you.” 

Wow! Verse 29 reveals to us that God answers our praying in accordance to the amount of faith we have in the One who we are asking! 

Let’s break this down in steps: 

1. Notice, they followed Christ wherever He went. Remember they were blind, so this was no easy task. This means we must purposely, passionately, pursue Christ for our daily needs and the needs of others. They got the attention of God. God was and is, listening and watching. 

2. Next, Christ gives us the faith test, do we really believe He is able to do what we are asking? 

3. Now comes the miracle of miracles! He touched them! Being blind, they were considered unclean. NO one would dare touch these men. Yet Christ did…meaning, there is no situation that He cannot touch for us. 

4. Their eyes where opened and their sight restored. What God touches He changes, no one being touched by God remains the same. 

The lyrics “He Touched Me,” have new meaning and power. 

He touched, oh, he touched me 
And oh the joy that floods my soul! 
Something happened, and now I know 
He touched me, and made me whole. 

May your prayers be answered according to the power of the One we are praying to.

Rev. Doug Beane-Hall WIN Director