IPHC Youth Quest Recap

IPHC Youth Quest kicked off on Thursday, July 21st with a full afternoon of Fine Arts at the Hilton, Daytona Beach Hotel. The evening service opened with a live performance from the YouthQuest Creative Team that included various creative elements including an original spoken word, dance, drama, and live drums. The ceremony concluded with the Student Ministries Team welcoming everyone to YouthQuest along with a powerful time of prayer from multiple generations and voices. Then Housefires brought the entire congregation into a worship concert that brought everyone together to sing as one community.

The evening ended with a “Jimmy Fallon” style Tonight Show, including interviews with the Student Ministries Team and the Presiding Bishop, Dr. Doug Beacham. The DRUSA food truck was also parked outside to provide attendees with a delicious late night meal.

Friday morning dawned bright and early with many students and leaders joining together on the beach for a time of sunrise prayer. Housefires led the congregation in worship and Pastor Alex Seeley from The Belonging Co in Nashville, TN spoke in the morning session on knowing your identity in Christ. “The greatest glory you can give God is to be exactly who He has called you to be”.

Friday afternoon consisted of Fine Arts competitions in Creative Arts, Communication Arts, and Vocal/Instrumental Arts. Attendees also had the opportunity to walk through the YQ Exhibit Hall and meet with many of our IPHC ministries.

Friday evening brought Housefires back for one last worship set, along with a message on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from Pastor Alex. As Willy Wonka said, “So shines a good deed in a weary world”.

Saturday morning began, once again, with sunrise prayer on the beach. The IPHC Houseband took over the worship on Saturday, with great aplomb. Pastor Jude Fouquier from Ventura, CA spoke on righteousness. “When Christ’s righteousness if the root, holiness is the fruit.”

Saturday afternoon saw Bible Bowl join the Fine Arts competitions, with teams from the Appalachian, North Carolina, Cornerstone, and Sonshine Conferences. FORUMS were also held on Saturday afternoon with a range in topics including street evangelism, women in leadership, student ministry, and missions.

Saturday evening was a historical service with hundreds of students and leaders stepping forward to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. Pastor Jude led the congregation in a powerful altar call, with the IPHC Houseband playing throughout.

The last day of #YQ2016 began with sunrise prayer, and worship led by the IPHC Houseband. Then the Executive Director of Discipleship Ministries, Bishop Tommy McGhee, spoke a powerful message on King David and Mephibosheth before leading the attendees in communion. “You have an invitation to come to the table. When you come to the table, your scars and hurts are covered. The Lord doesn’t see them.”

Sunday afternoon saw the last of the Fine Arts Festival. YouthQuest culminated in the Fourth Annual Fine Arts Festival Awards Show, with live performances from award winning students from around the Nation. The event closed with the Student Ministries Team sharing their hearts and leading the congregation one last time in worship.

2016 was the first YouthQuest that the Student Ministries Team fully planned from beginning to end. The Team would like to say thank you to the many people who made this event possible. From the YQ Crew, to the sponsors, to the Fine Arts and Creative teams, to the Discipleship Ministries Directors and team. YouthQuest is truly a team effort!

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